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Whitsun Show Jumping Show
Monday 30TH May 2011


CLASS 1: Poles (lead rein permitted) :
1st Robyn Enright on Barley Bear, 2nd Thomas Wisbey on Star, 3rd Albert Holland on Roxy, 4th Amy Huggins on Blackie, 5th Ben Whiteman on Monty, 6th Lucy Byford on Monty

CLASS 2: Cross Poles (lead rein permitted)
1st Thomas Wisbey on Star, 2nd Jody Shearman on Titchy, 3rd Frankie Middleton on Dotman, 4th Oliver Middleton on Fleur, 5th Uma Krieger on Monty, 6th Lucy Byford on Monty

CLASS 3: Jumps approx 1’3” (lead rein permitted)
1st Elise White on Dreamer, 2nd Jody Shearman on Titchy, 3rd Aimee Huggins on Blackie, 4th Callum Melville on Charlie, 5th Thomas Wisbey on Star, 6th Oliver Middleton on Fleur

CLASS 4: Jumps approx 1’6” – 1’9” (lead rein permitted) 1st Shannon Kindon on Anton Miss Ellie, 2nd Courtney Gibson on Brian, 3rd Shannon Kindon on Phoenix Blue Star, 4th Elise White on Dreamer, 5th Jody Shearman on Titchy, 6th Brooke Claydon on Caspian Knights

CLASS 5: Jumps approx 2ft
1st Jenna Mansfield on Jenna’s Gem, 2nd Jasmine Holland on Zeb, 3rd Hollie Moakes on River, 4th Lewis Sumption on Fabien, 5th Joe Willis on TEC Tarransay, 6th Sam Wisbey on Taz

CLASS 6: Jumps approx 2’3”
1st Alix Clifford on Patpass Opportunist, 2nd Lewis Sumption on Fabien, 3rd Jasmine Holland on Mini,
4th Holly Brown on Dumpy, 5th Jasmine Holland on Zeb, 6th Caterina Voigths on Josh

CLASS 7: Jumps approx 2’6”
1st Joe Willis on TEC Tarransay, 2nd Hollie Moakes on Tullydun, 3rd Caterina Voigths on Josh, 4th Sydney Gallagher on Mr Allsorts, 5th Maggie Crathern on Ollie, 6th Annie Smith on Cherry

CLASS 8: Jumps approx 2’9”
1st Claudia Hayward on Badger, 2nd Sophie Stradling on Miss Nix, 3rd Alix Clifford on Patpass Opportunist





Despite a severe weather warning we had a wonderful turn out on New Year’s Eve.

Luckily the promised gale force winds didn’t materialise, but lots of eager riders did and we had a very competitive and enjoyable day.

We’d like to thank everyone who turned up and the weather which at least wasn’t as bad as last year’s blizzards.

Our next jumping show is on Easter Monday 9 th April, for more details of that and our full programme of events including Indoor Le Trec, Showing Workshops, jumping and dressage clinics and our new BHS Stage 2 Care course please visit our website at www.tiptree-equestrian.co.uk or phone 01621815552

Michelle Carter


CLASS 1: MINI STAKES: 1st: Georgia Hubbard on Connie; 2nd: Coral Blew on Henry; 3rd: Pippa O’Riley on Dee; 4th: Amy Harvey on Monty; 5th: Rebecca Jones on Daisey; 6th: Megan Page on Rav.

CLASS 2: MINI PAIRS: 1st: Pippa O’Riley on Dee & Georgia Hubbard on Connie; 2nd: Nicole Paddon on Tonka & Mitchell Plum on Cheeky Chops; 3rd: Rebecca Jones on Bonnie & Jessica Lappage on Domino; 4th: Megan Page on Rav & Lizzy Kerr on Irish Gem; 5th: Alice Montrose on Barney & Lillie Webster on Tagget; 6th: Charlie Cody-Richardson on Max & Rebecca Jones on Daisey.

CLASS 3: NEW YEAR’S STAKES: 1st: Desi Gillespie on Saturday Night Diva; 2nd: Amy Kenny on Pluto; 3rd: Rebecca Jones on Bonnie; 4th: Imogen Carter on Lucy B; 5th: Jessica Lappage on Domino; 6th: Nicole Paddon on Cheeky Chops

CLASS 4: TAKE YOUR OWN LINE: 1st: Lillie Webster on Tagget; 2nd: Charlie Cody-Richardson on Candy; 3rd: Maggie Crathern on Jake; 4th: Jordan Shynn on Apollo; 5th: Desi Gillespie on Saturday Night Diva; 6th: Sam Dyer on Apache Warrior.

CLASS 5: MAJOR PAIRS: 1st: Laura Root on Donut & Charlie Cody-Richardson on Candy; 2nd: Jordan Shynn on Apollo & Lillie Webster on Tagget; 3rd: Desi Gillespie on Saturday Night Diva & Amy Kenny on Pluto; 4th: Maggie Crathern on Jake & Jane Seabrook on Archie; 5th: Sam Dyer on Double Trouble & Georgia Plum on Tonka; 6th: Julie Hannah on Spartacus & Jane Shaw on Rupert.

CLASS 6: PUISSANCE: 1st: Sam Dyer on Double Trouble; 2nd: Jane Seabrook on Archie; 3rd: Amy Kenny on Pluto; 4th: Charlie Cody-Richardson on Candy; 5th: Jordan Shynn on Apollo; 6th: Lillie Webster of Tagget.


Other Events

We hold regular show jumping shows on Bank Holiday Mondays throughout the year and Dressage shows at other times. Once the cross country course is finished we’ll be holding small ‘taster’ events. We also hold showing shows.

Other events that we hold are regular pony days during the holidays for children, and during term time for adults.

Clear round jumping each month

Birthday parties with gymkhana games

Themed hacks – picnic hacks, May Day hack, Bonfire hack, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day hack to name a few.