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We had a fantastic turnout for our unaffiliated jumping show on Easter Monday (17 th April). The weather was good and the car park full, we even had to use our overspill car park!

For the first time we had a photographer who could print pictures there and then and a mini tack shop, which along with the refreshments catered for everyone’s needs.

For more details phone 01621 815552 or visit our website at www.tiptree-equestrian.co.uk


1’ 6”: 1 st Daniel Little on Jazz; 2nd Sarah Holding on Rosie, 3 rd Francesca Nunn on Teddy, 4 th Bethany Page on Fern, 5 th Abigail Morrell on Stanley, 6 th Rebecca Jones on Bonnie

1’ 9”: 1 st Lucy Brice on Humbug, 2nd Matilda Bourne on Jess, 3 rd Francesca Nunn on Teddy, 4 th Bethany Page on Prince, 5 th Emma Rush on Cyprium Country Lad, 6th Daniel Little on Jazz

2’: 1 st Lilly Brice on Mango Noma, 2 nd Megan Page on Mr Harry Potter, 3 rd Charlotte Page on Fern, 4 th Lucy Brice on Humbug, 5 th Sam Curnick on Donut, 6 th Georgia Dyer on Donut

2’3”: 1 st Jodie Royan on Cobra, 2 nd Lilly Price on Muffin, 3 rd Gemma Davis on Karma Nova, 4 th Ian Page on Just William, 5 th Karen Fowle on Ted OB2, 6 th Charlotte Page on Fern

Pairs 2’3” – 2’6” : 1 st Jordan Shynn & Maggie Crathern, 2 nd Sophie Fulton & Lilly Price, 3 rd Ian & Charlotte Page, 4 th Megan Page Lorna May, 5 th Sarah Ripton & Jodie Royan, 6 th Lilly Webster & Laura Root

2’6”: 1 st Sarah Ripton on Dream, 2 nd Joanna Davis on Karma Nova, 3 rd Jodie Royan on Cobra, 4 th Vicki Faulkener on ?, 5 th Ian Page on Just William, 6 th Karen Fowle on Ted OB2

2’9” 1 st Jodie Royan on Cobra, 2 nd Maggie Crathern on Jake, 3 rd Sarah Ripton on Dream, 4 th Jordan Shynn on Apollo, 5 th Joanna Davis on Karma Nova

Puissance: 1 st Jodie Royan on Cobra, 2 nd Sarah Ripton on Dream, 3 rd Maggie Crathern on Jake, 4 th Desi Gillespie on Autumn Fire