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Main Livery Yard

We offer assisted DIY, Part Livery and Working Livery, which can be either DIY or Part.

Our assisted DIY includes staff feeding breakfast prepared by you the previous evening, rugging and turning out, bringing in to hay or haylege and fresh water. Feed are picked out and legs hosed, then tea, again pre-prepared by you is given. You groom, muck-out and ride. If you cannot get up to muck out we are happy to do it for you for a charge of 7

Part Livery involves us providing feed, hay, bedding and mucking out. You just have to groom and ride. If you muck out we will reduce your bill by 3.50 per time.

Working Livery is ideal for horses that are suitable for our school, but the owner doesn’t have enough time to ride as much as they would like. Our use of them in our school or on our hacks is discussed fully and we are flexible, although most horses/ponies will only do one lesson per day. With working livery there is a reduction to your bill.

We have shavings, straw and haylege on site at all times, and can order food for you from our supplier.